US, China putting trade war on hold after progress in talks

China US Trade

The world's two biggest economies are pulling back from the brink of a trade war after making...


BC-USDA-Mdwst Dly Carlot

NW—LS851 Des Moines, IA Tue May 22, 2018 USDA Market News USDA Carlot Meat 4:00 Summary, Compared to Previous Day Prices in dollars per hundredweight NATIONAL BOXED BEEF CUTOUT LM—XB403—xb403.txt Boxed beef cutout values lower on light to moderate demand and...


BC-USDA-Onion and Pots

IDAHO FALLS Shipping Point Prices as of 22-MAY-2018 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service, USDA. Phone: (208) 525-0166 Fax: (208) 525-5546 Prices represent open (spot) market sales by first handlers on product of generally good quality and condition unless...


Protesters gather in lobby of Michigan governor's office

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — About 100 people crowded into Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s office lobby to demand the state continue to provide bottled water to Flint residents. reports the protesters gathered Tuesday for about 40 minutes until they said they were denied a meeting. Their chants...


Hunter accused of giving bribes for African elephant kill

Elephant Hunter Indictment

DENVER (AP) — U.S. prosecutors have indicted the owner of a South African hunting company, accusing him of bribing Zimbabwean officials while guiding a Colorado tourist and working to have the ivory tusks of an elephant that the group illegally killed inside a national park imported to the United...


Low US unemployment rate masks financial struggles for many

Economy Job Market Struggles

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite an ultra-low 3.9 percent unemployment rate, about one-third of U.S. adults faced financial insecurity last year and often struggled to pay unexpected expenses, a Federal Reserve survey found . For three in 10 adults, their monthly incomes fluctuated — often because their...


Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police

Amazon-Facial Recognition

SEATTLE (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union and other privacy advocates are asking Amazon to stop marketing a powerful facial recognition tool to police, saying law enforcement agencies could use the technology to “easily build a system to automate the identification and tracking of anyone.”...


Dems want to scrap tax cut for rich to fund teachers' raises

Congress DeVos

WASHINGTON (AP) — Responding to teacher walkouts across the country, congressional Democrats on Tuesday proposed raising teachers’ salaries by canceling the tax cut for the nation’s top 1 percent of earners. The Republican-controlled Congress was unlikely to support the idea of giving states and...


US and China work on ZTE rescue; Mnuchin denies quid pro quo

China US ZTE

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and China are working toward an agreement that would ease U.S. sanctions that were imposed on ZTE Corp. and let the Chinese telecommunications giant stay in business. President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the deal might require ZTE to revamp its board and to...


Facebook chief faces EU grilling over his 'digital monster'

AP Explains European Data Privacy Examples-2

BRUSSELS (AP) — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions from European Union lawmakers Tuesday over what one of them branded Zuckerberg’s “digital monster,” and he apologized for the way the social network has been used to produce fake news, interfere in elections and sweep up people’s...


Women look to make mark on male-dominated marijuana industry

Women and Weed

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — When Danielle Schumacher attended her first convention of marijuana activists about 15 years ago, she could count on one hand all the women in a room of older men. The lack of diversity struck the then-college student, who remembers feeling out of place but also determined to...

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